10 Strategies for Smart Email Marketing – Part 2

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Part two of my blog on strategies for smart email marketing from Constant Contact.

In part one we covered:

1. Attention Requires Permission

2. Know Your Subscribers as Individuals

Email Marketing Campaings

3. Personalize

4. Get Your Timing Right

5. Use Subject and Sender Wisely


10 Strategies for Smart Email Marketing – Part 2

6. Create a Clear Call to Action

Start by defining the desired action in your own mind. Let’s say you want your members to click through to your site, read about your meeting, and sign up by clicking through to your registration form.

Recipients need to know exactly what they should do and what they can expect in return (as in the instruction “Click Here for a 20% Discount on Your Next Seminar”). Do keep the body of your message and call to action short, but make sure the message is long enough to present the core benefits.

I’ll do another blog on this section, going into more detail at a later date.

7. Make Purchasing Easy at the Landing Page

Design a special landing page for every message you send (or for every call to action, if a message contains more than one). You’ve spent a lot of effort to get the recipient there; don’t strand them at this point by dumping them into a page that fails to flow clearly from your message to your desired action.

Make purchasing easy at the landing page. For example, if you have the member’s name, address, and credit card information, pre-fill the form for them.

8. Test, Measure, Test, Measure, Test…

Continuous testing allows you to improve your efforts over time. Measuring click-through is a valuable tool, but don’t rely on it exclusively. Your goal is not to get clicking customers but rather to generate satisfied customers who repeatedly sign up for your conferences and recommend you to others.

In addition to tracking click-through rates, measure your conversion rate, which tells you how many of the recipients actually took the action you expected.

This still does not track customer satisfaction. Repeat purchases in response to your campaigns can serve as an indicator of customer satisfaction. To get a better understanding of how satisfied your customers are, also conduct independent surveys or focus groups.

The place a newsletter or email marketing campaign link appears can be crucial for click-through. Consequently, which link goes where can be crucial for the success (if measured in click-through rates) of any email marketing effort.

That’s why you should

  • Experiment with link placement in your newsletter.
  • The same link at another place in the newsletter is a different link to the customer

Segment your list or, if you can’t segment, use consecutive issues to vary the placement of standard links. Monitor click-through rates closely to determine which link works best in a certain position, and in which position a link works best.

Sometimes, I get newsletters and marketing messages via email that have everything except a clear call to action. They’re beautifully designed, a joy to read, and they get me in the mood to do something — if only I knew what the sender expects me to do.

I don’t know where to click, what link to follow, where to order.

9. Prioritize Newsletter Content for More Clicks

Fortunately, there’s a neat trick that lets you personalize the newsletter for individual recipients with minimal effort. “Prioritization” is the magic word that turns one and the same newsletter into an optimized experience tailored at the single reader.

To prioritize newsletter content for more clicks:

  • Aggregate click-through data for each user.
  • As soon as certain patterns are visible, move the content categories that garner the most interest to the top.

Newsletter prioritization makes it easier and faster for recipients to find the content they are most interested in. If certain categories attract no clicks ever from a particular reader, you may drop them from their newsletter completely.

10. Be Brave

There are a hundred things to keep in mind when designing an email campaign, and every single one has its value. But if your message goes through too many filters, it may end in the recipient’s in-box as yet another boring and conventional piece of email, quickly dragged into the Trash folder. Sometimes, it pays to be brave, be creative, and risk losing some people on your list if it results in a more effective campaign overall.

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