Getting Started



It’s quite simple, we’ll start with a meeting to establish what resources you already have at your disposal and to define what your goals are; what do you need to achieve and by when. This can be done on the phone, via email or face to face if practical.

Sometimes people aren’t really sure what their goals are, they just know they want more business. We can start with that and then help break it down into more tangible objectives which will then help to define what activity might be required to achieve them.

This is a bit like a first date… can be awkward at first but it helps to establish a long term understanding about the future of our relationship.


Then I will draw up a more detailed plan that will establish what we will actually be doing for you, and who we will liaise with at your company (if it’s not you) to get approvals and provide feedback and reporting on performance.

Depending on what you are looking for this might be a detailed annual marketing plan or a simple list of jobs to be done over a set period of time, like a product launch or customer mailing. Either way it’s the blue print.

I will also start to establish if we need external suppliers to provide some services, or we can use yours or our existing resources. We’ll find the best way to get the best out of your budget no matter how large or small. It’s about consolidating the project and breaking it down into manageable chunks. It’s also the fun bit!


No one likes to talk about money, but there is really no need to shy away from the subject. I am very open about what I charge for marketing services, and expect you to be open with me about your budget and how far you need to make it go. Then we all know where we stand. I am a small business too so I understand the need to make a little go a long way.

Based on the level of activity required and your budget I will develop the plan and cost accordingly, which you then have to approve before we proceed. No surprises. Everything is discussed and agreed in advance, even if the project is long term. This will help you feel comfortable moving forward.

And remember, you don’t have to do everything at once. A little bit of improvement in your marketing and sales conversions can go along way. But something is a considerably improvement on nothing. You can scale up your activities as your budget and capacity to handle the business allows. We will grow with you.


This is where we stop talking and start doing. The sleeves are rolled up and we just get to work. We might start slowly if we need to check you are happy with how things are progressing, or we might just crack on if it’s a simple project with clear boundaries and responsibilities. Either way this is about getting it done to reach your goals!


Heard the adage, “what gets measured gets done”? Well we live by it. During the planning stage we will have established what criteria we will measure the project against (increase in sales leads, sales conversions, internet traffic, new customers, number of repeat customers, etc) and as we begin the project we will be constantly monitoring these criteria to see how it’s going.

We will not make more sales over night. We are committed to small steps that are tangible and attainable and can be measured and constantly improved upon.

Well, no point in measuring results if we don’t do something with the data! I believe very strongly that if something is working, we should do more of it, and if something is not working, we should do less. If we feel something is not going right we will tell you and advise you to make a change or perhaps stop it all together.


I will adapt your project (with your approval) to improve and optimize the results where we can. That’s not just being nice (though I am, honest!). It benefits us all to ensure we have got the very best out of your marketing budget – then I hope you will  tell lots of other people what a great job I did for you!