Social Media Marketing

Social NetworkingWhat is it?

Facebook is no longer a world dominated by teenagers; it’s an important business tool for every business owner. Social marketing is all about getting in touch with potential customers as your business/website becomes known and respected.

When a small business uses social media as a marketing tool, it allows the company to do exactly what big companies have been doing for years – talk to people in a two-way conversation rather than the traditional one-way advertising.

The current big thing is Facebook and Twitter, but we can always expect new options to pop up in this valuable marketplace. Social marketing is at its heart about people – building relationships and interacting with “people” or in the case of your business “potential customers”.

Why is it Important?

Customer referrals and word of mouth are without a doubt the best way to get new business. One major advantage of using social networking sites to market your business is that we can get these ‘word of mouth’ referrals to go a lot farther, quicker. Social Networking sites like Facebook have millions of members and massive amounts of daily active users. Get on board!

The additional advantage of using social networking sites is to create and encourage quality links back to your website or web pages, without breaking any rules or being penalized by the search engines. Creating back links is an important part of SEO and sometimes it can be hard to find a place where you can add your links without permission. Links from these sites are seen by search engines as high quality and highly respected.

What will I do for you?

I will create a Facebook page for your business populated with pictures, news and links from your website that we discuss together and you approve. If you want my assistance, I will manage this account for you and ensure we are creating news on them every week to build a fan base and network to other suitable pages that would be beneficial to your business.

I proactively seek out useful contacts to friend and follow and are active on these other pages, groups and networks too so that your business is seen as a very interactive participant in this important social community.

We can also build your mailing list for email and social media marketing campaigns on Facebook by adding a “Join our list” button.