Public Relations

public-relationsWhat Is Public Relations?

PR is an important part of the marketing mix. It supports and adds value to other marketing activities and events. Advertising creates awareness but PR provides credibility and is better at dealing with complex messages and communicating values.

Editorial content is seen as more credible and interesting than any other content, including advertising, contests and giveaways, and is more likely to lead to product and service trial.

Why is it important?

PR provides an impartial third-party endorsement. Women in particular see editorial as independent, unbiased and most helpful in making informed buying decisions.

With marketing budgets always under threat, PR is a cost-effective way of maximizing marketing dollars.
One of the most powerful roles of PR is in providing relevant, interesting information and images that help journalists develop their own stories.

What will I do for you?

By combining business knowledge, creative ideas and online expertise, we deliver public relations campaigns that build brands, shape reputations, generate sales enquiries and position our clients as the experts in what they do. We’re passionate about creating effective communication strategies for our clients. It shows too, with our campaigns engaging directly with their customers, whether through online or offline media.