Trade Shows

Trade ShowsWhat is it?

Trade show exhibiting is an important part of your marketing plan that can yield big results.

Why is it important?

Trade shows are one of the most effective ways to meet new clients and reconnect with current customers. That’s one reason they’ve been around so long. But just showing up at an event with a fabulous new display isn’t enough to guarantee results. You also need to get noticed. Whether you’re an old pro at trade show exhibiting or new to the game, it never hurts to rethink the strategies you’re using to draw traffic to your booth and look for new ways to make the most of your trade show exhibits.

What will I do for you?

I offer a complete, intensive support program designed to help clients maximize their trade show experience and gain high-impact industry and media visibility as well as show-related coverage.

This means lots of planning before, during and after the trade show.

Booth Design & Preparation

I can help you come up with a booth design and layout that will be suitable for your product or service or put you in touch with an Exhibit company if you’re looking for a new build. Every trade show has lots of paperwork – I can look after all of that for you as well – electrical, shipping, trade website, etc.

Trade Show Public Relations:

Pre-Show Activities:

With input from our clients, we brainstorm creative and exciting ways to draw attention and add energy to their booth during the show.

Develop and send a series of enticing pre-show teasers to our very broad range of media contacts – including all media attending the event – inviting them to stop by our client’s booth and create excitement about the new products.

Generate feature stories in industry trade publications about our clients and their new product launches. We make sure these stories appear in pre-show issues and “show dailies.”

Work with the show’s PR department to capitalize on all media-related opportunities, including gaining product visibility in the press room and clients’ names and lead products featured in the show’s exclusive media directory.

Develop and create dynamic, eye-catching press kits for the show that provide comprehensive information about the brand and new product launches and ensure that the press kits receive optimum placement in the show’s press center.

During the Show:

We attend trade shows to work with media at our clients’ booths and also scout media throughout the show to accompany them to see our clients’ products.

As we meet with media, we share a list of our clients’ booth numbers and a description of lead products that they can use as their personal guide to the show.

We also can create and post Facebook or Twitter updates live from the show floor.


After the show, we follow up with all media that we met with at the show – as well as those that we missed – to generate feature stories, articles and product reviews.